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Creative Landscapes are a forward thinking dynamic company that provide a complete landscaping service to clients / customers who care about quality and want a garden to be proud of. As members of the Association of Professional Landscapers and the Horticultural Trades Association you can be assured that our work is regulated and of the highest standard.

You can relax in the knowledge that from consultation to design and implementation Creative Landscapes will to turn the garden of your dreams into a reality.

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Garden Design in Ilkley

Gardens, just as much as houses, are for living in and the ideal garden is not only a beautiful place to be, it is tailor-made to fit the needs of those who use it. Good design is about simplicity and fitness for purpose, whether you opt for traditional, contemporary, formal or informal Creative Outdoor Solutions have the knowledge, skill and vision to make-over and transform your outdoor living space.

Creative Outdoor Solutions have the experience you need for your Garden Design project in Ilkley. Plants and foliage are what we know best and our reliable team of expert designers is at your disposal. We offer excellent service at reasonable prices.

Garden landscaping or landscape gardening refers to the decoration of land by planting trees, bushes, and flowering shrubs. Landscape gardening comes from the informal style of gardening that was popular among the British elite in the eighteenth century. Landscape gardening differs from landscape architecture, because landscape gardening refers to the design of enclosed spaces like private gardens and parks. A garden landscape includes features like walkways, paving, concrete, sculpture, stonework, pergolas, decks, fences, garden furniture, ponds, waterfalls, streams, and birdbaths. In Ilkley arbours and trellises are two items that are commonly used to support climbing plants.

Why Not Call Creative Outdoor Solutions – the Garden Design specialists in Ilkley for a FREE Consultation on 01282 841213.

Creative Outdoor Solutions are involved in designing, implementing, maintaining, or remodelling a garden landscape for private individuals, architects, or town or county authorities. A garden landscaper begins their project by first understanding the client’s requirements, and then developing their designs and drawings with the client’s input. The landscaper supervises the construction of walls, fences, trellises and other hardscapes. The landscaper has to be responsible for preparing a maintenance schedule, and to supervise the care of the greenery. Garden landscapers can specialise in hardscapes like architectural constructions, or in soft landscaping like grounds maintenance, water features, garden lighting, or turning.

Garden Design Ilkley – the Ground Rules

In Ilkley the basic elements that constitute garden landscape design are colour, line, form, texture and scale. Form is defined as the shape of a plant, and the structure of its branches. When plant texture is used by experts, such as mixing coarse and thin structures, a beautiful visual effect can be created for the entire garden. The element of line refers to how the viewer’s attention is governed by the arrangement of plants and their borders. Colour adds dimension to any garden, and when coloured plants are placed perfectly the natural light from the rising or setting sun can create wonders.

Garden Design Ilkley – selecting the right professional

We offer some of the most reputable garden landscaping services available. We provide a wide array of garden landscaping services for you. Our competence and experience are what you need to bring your garden to life, and we have a solid track record of getting projects done on time. If you want reliable garden landscaping, why not call Creative Outdoor Solutions – the Garden Design specialists in Ilkley for a FREE Consultation on 01282 841213.

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