At Creative Outdoor Solutions, we specialise in all aspects of fencing, both for domestic and business customers. For domestic customers, we offer Timber Rail and Pail, Timber Panel Fencing, Garden Gates, Timber Sheds and Outdoor Buildings. For commercial customers we offer Palisade Security Fencing, Gates, Concrete Fencing, Wire Mesh and Chain Link Fencing.

We can supply and install great looking, weather resistant fences for your garden which will maintain their good looks for years to come due to their strength and durability.The types of fence we regularly erect for our customers are featherboard fencing, tongue and groove fencing, trellis fencing, post and rail fencing and ‘hit and miss’ vertical and horizontal fencing.

Perimeter fencing, security fencing, steel cage fencing, chain link fencing, weld mesh systems, palisades, and spectator fencing are all typical fencing types specified, installed and maintained by CL Fencing. Particularly relevant to construction and landscape schemes, CL fencing can offer a complete bespoke fabrication service.

Whatever your needs, you can be assured of a professional and reliable service. Just ask any of our customers.


Professionally installed timber decking is a great choice for your entertaining areas. It is a practical, durable and an ideal way to extend your outdoor living space. Decking is particularly suitable for problem gardens, such as those having poor drainage or steep slopes. Available in a range of quality soft and hard woods decking can be constructed to any shape or design and can include planters, seating, lighting and water features. Creative Outdoor Solutions offer a complete design and build decking service.

  • Featherboard

    Featherboard panels are the most common domestic fencing in use in the UK today. CL Fencing can supply great looking, weather resistant fences for your garden which will maintain their good looks for years to come due to their strength and durability. Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

  • Hit & miss

    Hit and Miss vertical or horizontal fencing is designed to allow some wind to pass through - and therefore offers less wind resistance in windy areas. Matching gates are available with Hit and Miss fences.

  • Post & rail

    The advantages of using Post and Rail style fencing is that not only do you get good vision through the fence but the robust traditional design doubles as an attractive barrier that works well along most curves.

  • Trellis

    Trellis Fencing combines the strength and security of traditional wooden fencing with the visual appeal of a less harsh boundary.

  • Tongue & groove

    Tongue and groove effect panels are designed for use with slotted posts and can match well with courtyard gates which are often of a similar construction. CL Fencing add a central rail for extra support, and are pleased to be producing more fences like this, at the luxury end of the market.

  • Commercial & industrial

    Creativelandscaper have a wide range of different commercial and industrial fences.