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You can relax in the knowledge that from consultation to design and implementation Creative Landscapes will to turn the garden of your dreams into a reality.

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Fencing in Ilkley

There are many reasons for installing a fence in Ilkley. It may be that you want to mark your property line, have greater safety and security, or just want more privacy. Whatever your reasons, there is a fence that will fit your requirements and at the same time enhance your yard’s appearance.

One really good reason to install a fence is to provide separation from a neighboring yard. It may be simply to maintain your property line and avoid having shrubs or trees from next door encroach on your side of the line. But if you have problem neighbors then a fence may be an especially good idea.

A fence is a perfect way to be sure that your dog doesn’t wander out of your yard without being forced to keep him tied up or in a dog run. It will also keep other animals from getting into your yard and messing up your flower beds or vegetable garden. By putting up a fence you can rest assured that your pets and even more importantly, your children, will not be faced with uninvited four legged visitors.

When you have children, a fenced yard can provide a safe and secure play area. They can play outside without you worrying that they may wander off when your back is turned.

Maybe you are just someone who likes your own space. If so, a privacy fence makes perfect sense. You can enjoy your secluded retreat without anyone even knowing you are out there.

Fences are relatively easy to build and don’t have to be expensive, depending on the fencing style and type of material you choose. And there are a lot of different materials to choose from, all the way from wood, to wrought iron and virtually everything in between.

The most important part of building any fence is getting the fence posts dug and set properly. If this isn’t done right, your whole fence will be off. Using a tape measure and level will ensure that posts are set deeply enough into the ground and centered. After that it’s a piece of cake.

To minimize cost, chain link or wood are your best choices. You can even turn a chain link fence into a privacy fence by attaching bamboo panels to the chain linking, very inexpensively.

Wood fences remain among the most widely used type of fence, with pine and cedar topping the list. If you build a wood fence make sure to coat it with a water repellent or stain to protect it from the elements. That way it will last longer. If you add sections of bamboo panels to parts of your fence, you will enhance the overall appearance of your fence.

If cost is not an issue you can opt for more expensive, but longer lasting vinyl or composite fencing. These look a lot like wooden fences. Wrought iron fences are classic but costly. Even doing a small section with wrought iron or using it for your gates can provide a truly unique appearance.

Whether you’re building a fence for privacy, security, or simply to mark your property line, installing a fence can add a lot of value to your home.

fencing in Ilkley

Why Not Call Creative Outdoor Solutions – the Fencing specialists in Ilkley for a FREE Consultation on 01282 841213.

Creative Outdoor Solutions are involved in designing, implementing, maintaining, or remodelling a garden landscape for private individuals, architects, or town or county authorities. A garden landscaper begins their project by first understanding the client’s requirements, and then developing their designs and drawings with the client’s input. The landscaper supervises the construction of walls, fences, trellises and other hardscapes. The landscaper has to be responsible for preparing a maintenance schedule, and to supervise the care of the greenery. Garden landscapers can specialise in hardscapes like architectural constructions, or in soft landscaping like grounds maintenance, water features, garden lighting, or turning. We offer some of the most reputable garden landscaping and fencing services available. Our competence and experience are what you need to bring your garden to life, and we have a solid track record of getting projects done on time.

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